February 3, 2012

LINK UP {week in photos}

Happy Friday everyone!
YAY, we made it through another week!

I'm so happy you're here today because it's my FIRST EVER "week in photos" link up par-tay!
If you took some time to capture a few snippets of your week either by your phone or camera link up with me below.

This kid is crazy for glasses! Look at those bug eyes he has with my glasses on! L-O-V-E
{and can you tell he's never afraid to pose for a picture :-)}
We're usually a little silly when we get out of the shower - I figured I better document it :-)
Our Saturday morning started with homemade blueberry muffins and coffee.
Day is pointing to the fisherman on my cup - that's the fly shop my brother guides for.  He's a very talented writer (and fisherman) and writes a great blog.  Check it out HERE.
I got myself some Gussy Sews

I made some super nummy cauliflower poppers.  The recipe is from Lindsay of Delighted Momma!
My mom got me the sweetest owl ring! I just love, love, love it! Thanks MOM!


Alright everyone, now for the details of the link up:

-Write up a little "week in photos" blog post.
-Copy and paste the button below, add it to your post and link back to this post so everyone can blog hop and find you!
-Then simply follow the instructions below to add your link to the party.

Thank you so much for joining me - if there's interest I may do this more often :)
Have a cozy weekend everyone!


  1. Day in his upside-down glasses is adorable. :-)

  2. Yay for your new link up! I participated ;)

    Day is so cute! I love muffins and coffee. Your ring is so cute! What a sweet mom you have :)

  3. Oh, I love the owl ring! Beautiful! Where did she get it? :)


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