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I opened up my shop one month before giving birth to my baby -- which ended up being a little boy. I had been looking around at other shops on Etsy in the months before giving birth after hearing about the website on a television show. I was instantly hooked and eventually wanted to start putting my own art up for sale. I started with photography and abstract art prints, which soon evolved into cards and art prints that are inspired by nature, poetry, and my son's books. I currently only employ myself, but my husband is really good about walking to the post office near his workplace with all of the packages that need to be sent out. I pay him with candy. I am located in a small city in western Canada where I work out of my home...home office...cluttered desk space.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?
To be completely honest, I have not thought about where I would like to see my business in five years. I am really comfortable with where I am as a business right now, and I know that both of those things are dangerous ground. I need to sit down and figure out where I want to be in five years...maybe I won't even have a business anymore.

What is your favorite product in your shop and why?
I love all of the products in my shop. If I didn't, then they wouldn't be available in the shop. But if you're really twisting my arm, it would be the little art print of my dog which is also my logo. It was the first of the new art prints that I created for my shop, and also the first card.

One piece of advice for new, small business owners?
It's difficult not to hope for overnight success, but it is a rare occurrence and most businesses take years of hard work and dedication to get up off the ground. It is no lie. Keep working away at it all and listen to your gut when seeking out support or collaborations. You may think of everyone as your competition, but we are all working together towards the same goal and most everyone is happy to help each other out.

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sharing some things I love with you.

1 // Swimsuit from Target (just bought this one myself :)
2 // Essie nail polish in Hide and Go Chic 
4 // bkr water bottle with silicone wrap 
5 // Cushion Cut Decor - darling pillow covers. 
6 // The most comfy t-shirt you'll ever wear. Every time I go to Target, one slips in my cart. 
7 // These sunglasses from Tumbleweeds Handcraft. Just got myself a pair. In love!

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