March 24, 2015

GIVEAWAY// A Cannon Rebel T51

Hey friends!! It's been many months since we've done a camera giveaway here on the blog, and I have had so many people asking when we'll be doing one again that I couldn't wait to stick on on here. There's one big difference with this giveaway from all the others though, and it's that we're not giving away a Rebel T3i today, we're giving away a T5i!

It's an amazing feeling to send off such an amazing camera to one of you guys, knowing what a massive difference it will make for your blog or shop, or just every-day photography in general:) Even better than that though, is introducing so many of you to this group of such lovely shops, and such hard-working and inspiring woman! I can't tell you how relationships online have influenced my life for the better, so make sure to take a minute and go say hi!

Dressing Dallas      |     Emma Cristy      |     Hello Rigby     |     Dottie Box
I'm so privileged to have the support of such an awesome group! There are so many involved because we wanted to amp up the prize package, so settle in with a favorite beverage or snack and don't miss out on any of the many entries! You never know which one could be the winning pick!! Here we go:

A couple specs about the giveaway:
- the giveaway will run for ten days after which the winner will be selected at random, contacted, and announced via this post, the post of the day, and all social media outlets! Please check all those places before asking weeks later who won? :)
- Again this is open internationally! hooray!
The winner will receive the Canon Rebel T5i in a kit with an 18-135mm lens, a battery and a battery charger, camera case, tripod, SD card, lens cleaner, and lens hood:) 
- Winner's entry will be verified before the public announcement.

March 22, 2015

diy// giant canvas art

I love using canvas to fill large, empty spaces on walls because it's fairly inexpensive and easy to work with.  There are so many different things you can do with it.  For this project I wanted to fill the space above our couch downstairs with something simple, yet bold. 

What you'll need:
3 canvases - any size.  I used 24 in. x 34 in.
painters tape
gold paint - I used Martha Stewart's metallic gold
paint brush - I used a 2 in. one

start by taping off the area you want to paint in any design you want. again, I wanted something bold, so I used a triangle design. I didn't measure anything out, just eye-balled it.  this gives it a more organic look. it took me a long time to get the tape to line up how I wanted it but eventually I came up with a design I was satisfied with.

then paint inside the area you taped off. I did one coat and let it dry and then decided to do one more coat to make it a shade darker.  you can do whatever you want though. that's the beauty of this super easy diy! after the paint dries, slowly peel off the tape. 

I love how they turned out!
I like how you can see the brush strokes too!

Here are a few other diy's I've done using canvas.

March 11, 2015

it's the little things {a link up}

little man is learning to read. it's fascinating watching him learn. 

celebrating my sweet nieces 1st birthday. 

bright, sunny flowers. 
building forts on the weekends. 
planting seeds for our garden this summer. 

long sunday naps. 
painting and wine with coworkers. 
watching cousins bond. 
first campfire of 2015.
an early birthday gift from the hubs. he made me a new desk!

I'm stoked to be co-hosting the "little things" link up this week with Jess of Sadie Sky
If you know me well you know I'm all about loving on the little things in life. The little things are what make the world go round and at times make the big, bad things seem not so bad.