sharing some things I love with you.

1 // Swimsuit from Target (just bought this one myself :)
2 // Essie nail polish in Hide and Go Chic 
4 // bkr water bottle with silicone wrap 
5 // Cushion Cut Decor - darling pillow covers. 
6 // The most comfy t-shirt you'll ever wear. Every time I go to Target, one slips in my cart. 
7 // These sunglasses from Tumbleweeds Handcraft. Just got myself a pair. In love!

Do you have something you've been lovin lately?
 Leave me a link in the comments below so I can check it out!


sunshine in my soul.

 Day and his cousin, Maddy.
I still can't believe my "little" brother is a daddy :)

Finally! I have pictures to post that are streaming with sunshine. It feels so good. In the Midwest, winter has been long this year. Seemingly never ending. The snow is finally all melted and every moment we get to be outside, we are soaking in the warmer temps and sunshine. It feels amazing. I crave fresh air and space to wander during the long winter months. Weeks go by where it's too cold to even be outside. We are completely embracing this weather with arms wide open. There is sunshine in my soul. 


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