April 22, 2015

life stuff lately.

my older brother (right front) recently visited from across the state so naturally we went out for Mexican and consumed an unhealthy amount of chips and salsa and margaritas 
we've been busy prepping our gardens for planting. Day mostly digs and builds "homes" for the ants. 

it's gradually warming up so we've been enjoying our local parks. 
playing with friends at the falls. 

i love this girl and can't wait to have more adventures with her this summer. 
i couldn't hold off on planting any longer. these guys are still living inside but they make me smile.

friday night cul-de-sac bike races. 

amazing food, great friends, country air, cold drinks. 
Day and I are very close. he rarely leaves my side. but sometimes i just need a little alone time. on this particular evening i tried to take a relaxing bath...until someone relentlessly insisted on climbing in with me...
i know i've been a little absent around here lately, and honestly, i'm enjoying the time away. i've been extremely busy at work but also taking advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoying the opportunity to get outdoors more often and breath in the fresh spring air. it's been simply rejuvenating. 

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April 10, 2015

easter weekend 2015

Easter weekend was super fantastic this year.  We did some hiking, colored eggs, hunted for eggs, took naps, played outside and spent time with family. It was such a blessing. 

April 9, 2015

iPhone pictures.

family walks have commenced now that the snow has melted. 
I've been getting lots of snuggles in lately with this little guy. unfortunately due to us both being sick.
the trees are budding!

I love being able to workout outside now.
nights out with friends.