some much needed beach time.

This weekend I tried so hard to be lazy. I told myself that since we finally had nothing planned for a weekend, I was going to take advantage and get some much needed rest and relaxation in. Work has been beyond stressful lately and I was looking forward to a quiet weekend. By Sunday morning I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed Day and we went to the beach for a few hours. It was fantastic. The cool breeze blowing off the river mixed with the hot temperature made for perfect basking in the sun weather. I could have laid there all day listening to the waves roll in and out.  Apparently even Santa enjoys the beach in the summer!

taking stock. take 3.

Making: cinnamon rolls in the oven. From a can. I don’t bake for real. 
Cooking: with anything and everything fresh I can get my hands on. YAY summer!  
Drinking: Snapple lemon iced tea fresh from the Keurig. So yum! 
Reading: The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. 
Wanting: it to rain more. I love the rain in the summer. 
Looking: for a dress to wear to a wedding in august. 
Playing: “deer hunting” with Day. he’s the deer, I’m the hunter. It just seems wrong. 
Wasting: time looking through Pinterest pinning things I’ll never make. 
Wishing: for longer weekends.  I need more naps. 
Enjoying: my alone time here on my computer, sipping on coffee. Glorious! 
Waiting: for our next adventure. 
Liking: that Day snuggles with me before he goes to bed every night. 
Wondering: how I’m going to handle having a kindergartner this fall!  
Loving: my new dyson vacuum cleaner. o.m.g. every moms dream machine! 
Hoping: everything that I just ordered online from H&M will fit me.
Marveling: at how fast a clean house can get messy. Seriously?! I just cleaned.. 
Needing: a pool to float and forget about the time in. 
Smelling: a peach bellini candle from Bath and Body Works. 
Wearing: cutoff sweat pants and a tank top. Did I really just admit that? 
Following: my instincts and getting Chipotle for supper.
Noticing: how long my hair is getting.  It’s starting to get stuck in my armpits and car doors… 
Knowing: and accepting my limits
Thinking: about how much I over think everything. 
Feeling: loved
Bookmarking: cute fall outfits 
Opening: the windows in the house and letting the fresh air in. I hate to have the ac on, but also couldn’t live without it! 
Giggling: when Day dances and thinks he’s really good at it. you should see his little jig! 
Feeling: full of life

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life lately // a bit too busy for my liking.

Life lately has been a bit too busy for my liking. I like the simple, slow life and strive to live that way as much as I can, but boy summers sure can get busy.  I’ve hardly been home on the weekends and the weekends I am home are jam-packed.  I shouldn’t really be complaining because we’ve mostly been up to fun stuff, but I’m really looking forward to things quieting down for the rest of summer and into fall.  

Here are just a few pics that I’ve captured on my iPhone lately;

evening strolls.

park and smoothie dates with this man.
grandpa recently took little man fishing. they caught lots!

bubble blowing.

 farmer's market flowers.

 Day's first parade. too cute!
 the whole family came to watch Day run a 1K this weekend. 

bachelorette festivities over the weekend. 

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